In 1833, Chandler's Band got its start as the "Portland Band".  It continued as the Portland Band for 10 years when in 1843 Daniel Chandler became the band leader and renamed it to "Chandler's Band".  It was the efforts of Daniel Chandler which developed the band into one of the finest performing bands of its kind.

Years later in 1861, Daniel Chandler and his band were mustered into the service of the Union Army at the request of General Francis Fessenden.  Chandler's Band continued in service through the end of the Civil War serving much of their time at Harper's Ferry, WV and furnishing music for the 1st, 10th, 25thand 29th Maine regiments.

Back in Maine, Chander's Band continued to provide music for events, such as the Grand Anniversary Dress Ball in 1870, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Maine's admission to the Union.  Later that decade, in 1875, Chandler's Band began playing for Bowdoin College Commencements; Then in 1876 Chandler's Band led the countries Centennial Celebration Parade.
Chandler's Band of Portland, Maine continued to play through the late 1800 throughout Maine and in 1938 Chandler's Band received a baton in consideration for playing at Bowdoin College's commencement.  In 1975, you would have found Chandler's Band playing in the Bicentennial celebration parade in Concord, Massachusetts.
Today, you will still find Chandler's Band playing at events throughout Southern Maine.  Take a look at out calendar and see if you can join us at one!